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Born in 1975 and hailing into abstract art since his early teens, Kayko is a British artist who enjoys every moment creating pieces that truly captivate, empower, and inspire. As a self-taught abstractor, Kayko brings with him a long history of creating collector-worthy art that holds storytelling value and emotional twists. Even more, loves using this creative outlet to not just express his own swirling thoughts on paper, but so all while influencing others to view life through a different lens along the way. 


Throughout his life, Kayko has had his own fair share of uncertainties and struggles. But instead of letting that fester, he turned to abstract art as a way to cope and bring in splashes of joy during times when joy was hard to find. Fast forward to today, Kayko did just that and has since sold his first piece to a collector for £10,000, which was done even without any events, promotions, or holding an online presence.


Overall, nothing makes kayko happier than creating art thatdrives new levels of emotional influences and happiness. He wholeheartedly loves what he does and takes pride in being able to use his art to help others truly experience what expressional art is all about. That, along with his uplifting energy and love for all things abstract (whether it be creating it, admiring it, or remembering it), is what shaped Kayko into the respected artist he is today – one who has been in the industry for 30+ years and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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